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Beside each name is the Hebrew or Greek Biblical meaning, from
"Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible"

by Roswell D. Hitchcock, 1874

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Aaron seeker of justice
Abdon servant, cloud of judgment
Abel vanity, breath, vapor
Abiathar excellent father, father of the remnant
Abigail father, Source of Joy
Abihu he is my father
Abimelech father of the king
Abinadab father of a vow, or of willingness
Abiram my father on high
Abishai the present of my father
Abner father of light
Abram high father
Abraham father of a great multitude
Absalom, Abishalom father of peace
Adam ground, man of the red earth
Ahab uncle, or father's brother
Ahasuerus prince, head, chief
Ahaz one that takes or possesses
Ahaziah seizure, vision of the Yahweh
Ahijah brother of Yahweh
Ahithophel brother of ruin or folly
Alexander one who assists men
Amasa sparing the people
Amaziah the strength of Yahweh
Amon faithful, true
Amos loading, weighty
Andrew the Apostle a strong man
Annas one who answers, humble
Apollos one who destroys, destroyer
Aquila an eagle
Artaxerxes honored king, great warrior
Asa physician, cure
Asaph who gathers together
Asahel creature of God
Asher happiness
Athaliah the time of Yah
Azariah he that hears Yah

Baasha a flame, purging
Balaam ancient or the destruction of the people
Barabbas son of shame, confusion
Barak thunder, or in vain
Barnabas son of the prophet, or of consolation
Bartholomew, Apostle son that suspends the waters
Bartimaeus son of the honorable
Baruch who is blessed
Barzillai son of contempt, made of iron
Belshazzar master of the treasure
Benaiah son of the Lord
Benjamin son of the right hand
Ben-Ammi son of my people
Benoni son of my sorrow, or pain
Bernice one that brings victory
Bezaleel in the shadow of God
Bildad old friendship
Bilhah timid
Boaz a pillar or strength

Caiaphas he that seeks with diligence
Cain possession, or possessed
Caleb a dog, a crow, a basket
Canaan merchant, or humbles and subdues
Candace who possesses contrition
Chedorlaomer roundness of a sheaf
Christ anointed
Chuza the seer or prophet
Claudius lame
Cleophas the whole glory
Cornelius of a horn
Crispus curled
Cush blackness
Cyrus the Sun, far-sighted

Dan judgment, he that judges
Daniel judgment of God, God my judge
Darius kind man
Dathan laws or rites
David well-beloved, dear
Debir an orator, a word
Deborah word, thing, a bee
Delilah the poor of the Lord
Demas popular
Demetrius belonging to corn
Dinah judgment, who judges
Dorcas a female roe-deer
Drusilla watered by the dew

Ebed-Melech the king's servant
Eglon heifer, chariot, round
Ehud he that praises
Elah an oak, a curse, perjury
Eleazar help of God, court of God
Eli the offering or lifting up, or my God, my God
Eliezer help, or court, of my God
Elihu he is my God himself
Elijah, Elias God the Lord, the strong Lord
Elimelech my God is king
Eliphaz the endeavor of God
Elisha salvation of God
Elizabeth, Elisabeth the oath, or fullness, of God
Elymas a magician, a corrupter
Enoch dedicated, disciplined
Epaphras covered with foam
Epaphroditus agreeable, handsome
Ephraim fruitful, increasing
Ephron dust
Esau he that acts or finishes
Esther secret, hidden
Eve living, enlivening
Ezekiel the strength of God
Ezra help, court

Felix happy, prosperous
Festus festive, joyful

Gaal contempt, abomination
Gabriel God is my strength
Gad tribe founder a band, a troop
Gad prophet a band, a troop
Gamaliel recompense of God, camel of God
Gedaliah God is my greatness
Gehazi valley of sight
Gershom a stranger here
Gershon his banishment, the change of pilgrimage
Gideon he that bruises or breaks, a destroyer
Goliath passage, revolution, heap
Gomer to finish, complete

Habakkuk he that embraces, a wrestler
Hadad joy, noise, clamor
Hadadezer beauty of assistance
Hagar a stranger, one that fears
Haggai feast, solemnity
Ham hot, heat, brown
Haman noise, tumult
Hananiah, Shadrach grace, mercy, gift of the Lord
Hannah gracious, merciful, She that gives
Hanun gracious, merciful
Hazael that sees God
Herod Antipas son of a hero
Herod Archelaus
Herod Philip
Herod the Great King, son of a hero
Hezekiah, Ezekias strength of the Lord
Hiram exaltation of life, a destroyer
Hophni he that covers, my fist
Hosea, Hoshea savior, safety
Huldah the world
Hur liberty, whiteness, hole
Hushai their haste, their sensuality, their silence
Hymenaeus nuptial, the god of marriage

Ibzan father of a target, father of coldness
Isaac laughter
Isaiah the salvation of the Lord
Ishbosheth a man of shame
Ishmael, son of Abraham God that hears
Ishmael, son of Nethaniah God that hears
Israel who prevails with God
Issachar reward, recompense
Ithamar island of the palm tree

Jabez sorrow, trouble
Jabin he that understands, building
Jacob that supplants, the heel, may God protect
Jael a goat, agile
Jair same as Jairus
Jairus my light, who diffuses light
Jambres poverty, bitter, a rebel
James the Apostle, son of Alphaeus
James the Apostle, son of Zebedee
James, writer of the Epistle same as Jacob
Japheth enlarged, fair, persuading
Jason he that cures
Jehoahaz possession of Jehovah
Jehoahaz possession of Jehovah
Jehoash, Joash fire of Jehovah
Jehoiada knowledge of Jehovah
Jehoiakim establishing or resurrection of Jehovah
Jehoram exaltation of Jehovah
Jehoshaphat, Josaphat Jehovah is judge
Jehosheba fullness, or oath, of Yahweh
Jehu himself who exists
Jephthah whom God sets free
Jeremiah exaltation of Jehovah
Jeroboam 1 he that opposes the people
Jeroboam 2
Jeshua, Joshua a savior, a deliverer
Jesse gift, oblation, one who is

Jesus Jehovah is salvation, deliverer, help
Jethro his excellence, his posterity
Jezebel not exalted
Jezreel seed of God, God sows
Joab paternity, voluntary
Joanna grace or gift of Jehovah
Joash, Jehoash who despairs or burns
Job he that weeps or cries
Jochebed glorious, honorable
Joel he that wills or commands
John the Baptist the grace or mercy of God
John the Apostle the grace or mercy of God
Jonah, Jonas a dove, he that oppresses
Joseph of Arimathea increase, addition
Joseph adoptive father of Jesus
Joseph, son of Jacob, Israel
Joshua a savior, a deliverer
Josiah, Josias the fire of Jehovah
Jotham the perfection of Jehovah
Jotham, son of Gideon
Judah the praise of Jehovah, confession
Judas the Apostle same as Judah
Jude same as Judah
Julius downy, soft and tender hair

Keturah that makes the incense to fume
Kish hard, difficult, straw, for age
Kohath congregation, wrinkle, bluntness
Korah baldness, ice, frost

Laban white, shining, gentle, brittle
Lamech poor, made low
Lazarus assistance of God
Lazarus the beggar assistance of God
Leah weary, tired
Levi associated with him
Lois better
Lot wrapped up, hidden, covered
Luke luminous, white
Lydia a standing pool
Lysias dissolving

Maachah pressed down, worn, fastened
Machir selling, knowing
Malachi my messenger, my angel
Malchus my king, kingdom, or counselor
Manasseh, Manasses
Manasseh forgetfulness, he that is forgotten
Manoah rest, a present
Mark same as Marcus
Mary Mother of James and Joseph
Mary Mother of Jesus
Mary Mother of John
Mary and Martha
Mary Magdalene
Matthew the Apostle gift of God
Matthias Apostle replacing Judas
Melchizedek king of justice
Menahem comforter, who conducts them
Merab he that fights or disputes
Merari bitter, to provoke
Mesha burden, salvation
Methuselah who demands his death
Micah poor, humble
Micaiah who is like to God?
Michael the Archangel
Michal who is perfect?
Midian judgment, covering, habit
Miriam bitter
Mishael, Meshach requiring, drawn by force
Moab of his father
Mordecai contrition, bitter, bruising
Moses taken out, drawn forth

Naaman beautiful, agreeable
Nabal fool, senseless
Naboth words, prophecies
Nadab free and voluntary gift, prince
Nadab, son of Aaron
Nahor hoarse, dry, hot
Nahum that foretells, that conjectures
Naomi beautiful, agreeable, sweet, pleasant
Naphtali that struggles or fights
Nathan given, giving, rewarded
Nathan, son of David
Nathanael the gift of God
Nebuchadnezzar tears, groans of judgment
Nebuzaradan fruits, prophecies of judgment
Neco, Necho lame, beaten
Nehemiah consolation, repentance of God
Nicodemus victory of the people
Nicolaus same as Nicodemus
Nimrod rebellion
Noah rest, consolation

Obadiah servant of the Lord
Obed servant of Edom
Oded to sustain, hold or lift up
Og a cake, bread baked in ashes
Omri sheaf of corn
Onan pain, force, iniquity
Onesimus profitable, useful
Onesiphorus who brings profit
Ornan that rejoices
Orpah the neck or skull
Othniel the hour of God

Palti deliverance, flight
Pashhur extend, multiply the hole, whiteness
Paul small, little
Pekah he that opens, that is at liberty
Pekahiah it is the Lord that opens
Peleg division
Perez divided
Peter the Apostle a rock or stone
Philemon who kisses
Philip the Apostle warlike, a lover of horses
Philip the Evangelist
Phinehas, son of Eleazar
Phinehas, son of Eli bold aspect, face of trust
Phoebe, Phebe shining, pure
Pontius Pilate bold, face of trust or protection
Potiphar bull of Africa, a fat bull
Potipherah scatters abroad, or demolishes
Priscilla ancient

Rachel ewe
Rahab, Rachab proud, quarrelsome
Rebekah, Rebecca fettered by beauty
Rehoboam, Roboam liberty
Reuben, son of Jacob vision of the son
Ruth friend

Samson his son, his service
Samuel lent, heard and asked of God
Sarah lady, mother of the multitude
Saul the King demanded, lent, ditch, death
Saul, Paul demanded, lent, ditch, death
Shallum perfect, agreeable
Shamgar named a stranger
Shem name, renown
Silas three, or the third
Simeon, son of Jacob that hears or obeys
Simon the Apostle that hears, that obeys
Sisera that sees a horse or a swallow
Solomon the King peaceable, perfect
Stephen the Deacon, Martyr crown, crowned

Tamar date palm, date tree erect
Terah to breathe, scent, blow
Thaddaeus the Apostle praises or confesses
Thomas the Apostle a twin
Tibni straw, hay
Timothy honor of God, valued of God
Titus pleasing
Tola worm, grub, scarlet

Uzziah, see Azariah strength of God

Zadok just, justified
Zebulun dwelling, habitation
Zechariah the prophet
Zechariah, father of John the Baptist
Zechariah remembered by the Lord
Zedekiah the Lord is my justice
Zedekiah the false prophet
Zephaniah the Lord is my secret
Zerubbabel dispersion of confusion
Zeruiah pain or tribulation of the Lord
Zimri my field, my vine
Zimri son of Salu
Zipporah beauty, trumpet, mourning
Zophar rising early, crown

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