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Book of Jonah high resolution Bible images searchable by verse.

Jonah Leaving the Whale
Jonah Leaving the Whale by Jan Brueghel the Elder
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Jonah Chapter 1
Jonah sent to Nineveh, flees to Tarshish 1-3. He is stayed by a tempest 4-7. His discourse with the mariners 8-12. Jonah is cast into the sea, and miraculously preserved in belly of a great fish13-17.
Jonah Chapter 2
The prayer of Jonah 1-9. He is delivered from the fish 10.
Jonah Chapter 3
Jonah sent again to Nineveh, preaches there 1-4. Nineveh is spared upon the repentance of the inhabitants 5-10.
Jonah Chapter 4
Jonah repines at God's mercy to Nineveh, and is reproved 1-4.
He is taught by the withering of a gourd, that he did wrong 5-11.

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