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Gospel of Luke free Bible art in high resolution searchable by chapter and verse. Book of Luke images.

Luke, in Greek Lukas a briefer form of Lucanos, is the only one of the four Evangelists who was probably not a Jew. It has been suggested that he appears in his own narrative as one of the "seventy" sent out by Jesus, and also as one of the two disciples who supped with the Risen Christ at Emmaus; but Luke himself states that he does not write as an eyewitness of events.

All that we really know of Luke is gathered from his Gospel and his book "The Acts of the Apostles", also Philem. 24, 2 Tim. 4 and 11, Col. 4 and 14. From these we learn that he was a physician, an educated man, a writer of more classic Greek than Matthew or Mark, and tradition makes him a painter. He was an early convert and teacher, a chosen companion and close friend of St. Paul in the latter's journeyings, a comrade also to St. Peter and other of the early leaders of the Church. His gospel was apparently written about 60 or 70 A.D.

The faith of Luke seems more broadminded than that of Matthew and Mark; he knows no distinction between Jew and Gentile in the service of Christ. From this and other indications his Gospel is usually regarded as voicing the views of his great leader, Paul. His book incorporates most of the material found in the two preceding Gospels and adds to this much detail bearing on the birth of Christ, and the period of His resurrection, including the wonderful account of the Ascension. Chiefly, however, this Gospel is separated from the others by the many additional parables it contains.

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Luke Chapter 1
The Preface 1-4. Zacharias and Elisabeth 5-25. Birth of Christ announced 26-38. Art and Artist Study of the Annunciation. The visitation of Mary and Elisabeth 39-56. The birth of John the Baptist 57-66. The song of Zacharias 67-80.
Luke Chapter 2
The birth of Christ 1-7. Angels announce the birth to the shepherds 8-15 Shepherds find the Christ child 16-20. Christ presented in the temple 21-24. Simeon prophesies concerning Jesus 25-35. Anna prophesies concerning him 36-38. The young boy Jesus 39-40. Christ with the learned men in the temple 41-52.
Luke Chapter 3
John the Baptist. John the Baptist testifies concerning Christ. The baptism of Christ 21-22. The genealogy of Christ 23-38.
Luke Chapter 4
The temptation of Christ 1-13. Christ in the synagogue of Nazareth 14-30. He casts out an unclean spirit and heals the sick 31-44.
Luke Chapter 5
The miraculous draught of fishes, Peter, James, and John called 1-11 A leper cleansed. A paralytic cured 17-26. Levi called, Christ's answer to the Pharisees 27-39.
Luke Chapter 6
The disciples pluck corn on the Sabbath. Works of mercy suitable to the Sabbath day 6-11. The apostles chosen 12-19. Blessings and woes declared 20-26. Christ exhorts to mercy 27-36. And to justice and sincerity 37-49.
Luke Chapter 7
Centurion asks for his servant to be healed. Son of Widow raised to life 11-18. John the Baptist inquires concerning Jesus 19-35. Christ anointed in the house of the Pharisee 36-39. The parable of the two debtors 36-50.
Luke Chapter 8
The ministry of Christ 1-3. The parable of the sower 4-21. Christ stills the tempest and cast out devils 22-40. The daughter of Jairus restored to life 41-56.
Luke Chapter 9
The apostles sent forth 1-9. The multitude miraculously fed 10-17. Peter's testimony to Christ, self-denial enjoined 18-27. The transfiguration 28-36. An evil spirit cast out 37-42. Christ checks the ambition of his disciples 43-50. He reproves their mistaken zeal 51-56. Every thing to be given up for Christ 57-62.
Luke Chapter 10
Seventy disciples sent forth 1-16. The blessedness of Christ's disciples 17-24. The good Samaritan 25-37. Jesus at the house of Martha and Mary 38-42.
Luke Chapter 11
The disciples taught to pray 1-4. Christ encourages being earnest in prayer 5-13. Christ casts out a devil, the blasphemy of the Pharisees 14-26. True happiness 27-28. Christ reproves the Jews 29-36. He reproves the Pharisees 37-54.
Luke Chapter 12
Christ reproves the interpreters of the law 1-12. A caution against covetousness, the parable of the rich man. Worldly care reproved 22-40. Watchfulness enforced 41-53. A warning to be reconciled to God 54-59.
Luke Chapter 13
Christ exhorts to repentance from the case of the Galileans and others 1-5. Parable of the barren fig tree 6-9. The infirm woman strengthened 10-17. The parables of the mustard seed, and leaven 18-22. Exhortation to enter at the strait gate 23-30. Christ's reproof to Herod, and to the people of Jerusalem 31-35.
Luke Chapter 14
Christ heals a man on the Sabbath.
Luke Chapter 15
Parables of the lost sheep 1-7. The lost coin 1-10. The prodigal son, his wickedness and distress. His repentance and pardon. The elder brother offended 25-32.
Luke Chapter 16
The parable of the unjust steward 1-12. Christ reproves the hypocrisy of the covetous Pharisees 13-18. The rich man and Lazarus 19-31.
Luke Chapter 17
To avoid offences, to pray for increase of faith, humility taught 11-19. Ten lepers cleansed 1-10. Christ's kingdom 20-37.
Luke Chapter 18
The parable of the importunate widow 1-8. The Pharisee and the publican 9-14. Children brought to Christ 15-17. The ruler hindered by his riches 18-30. Christ foreshows his death 31-34. A blind man restored to sight 35-43.
Luke Chapter 19
The conversion of Zaccheus 1-10. The parable of the nobleman and his servants 11-27. Christ enters Jerusalem 28-40. Christ laments over Jerusalem 41-48.
Luke Chapter 20
The priests and scribes question Christ's authority 1-8. The parable of the vineyard and husbandmen 9-19. Of giving tribute 20-26. Concerning the resurrection 27-38. The scribes silenced 39-47.
Luke Chapter 21
Christ commends a poor widow 1-4. His prophecy 5-28. Christ exhorts to watchfulness 29-38.
Luke Chapter 22
The treachery of Judas 1-6. The Passover. The Lord's supper instituted 19-20. Christ admonishes the disciples 21-38.
Agony of Christ in the garden 39-46. Christ betrayed 47-53. Peter denies Christ 54-62. Christ confesses himself to be the Son of God 63-71.
Luke Chapter 23
Christ before Pilate. Christ before Herod. Barabbas preferred to Christ 13-25. The Road to Calvary 26-31. The crucifixion, the repentant malefactor 32-43. The death of Christ 44-49. The burial of Christ 50-56.
Luke Chapter 24
The resurrection of Christ 1-12. He appears to two disciples on the way to Emmaus 13-27. And makes himself known to them 28-35. Christ appears to the other disciples 36-49. His ascension 50-53.

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