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The Burial of Jesus Christ in the Tomb in royalty free Images in high resolution from our huge image library, free to use. Beautifully visual Bible lesson pictures.

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The Entombment painting by Garafalo
The Entombment, Garafalo 1520
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The chief priests and Pharisees gathered together to Pilate saying, Sir, we remember, while He was still alive, how that deceiver said, "After three days I will rise." Therefore command that the tomb be made secure until the third day, lest His disciples come by night and steal Him away.
Matthew 27, Mark 15
Luke 23
John 19

Joseph and his friends took down the body of Jesus from the cross, and wrapped it in fine linen. Nicodemus brought some precious spices, myrrh and aloes, which they wrapped up with the body.

Entombment Jacopo Pontormo Royalty Free Images
Descent from the Cross
Jacopo Pontormo 1525
Christ in the Sepulcher Guarded by Angels, William Blake
Christ In The Sepulcher
Guarded By Angels
William Blake 1805
Entombment by Giotto Royalty Free Images

Then they placed the body in Joseph's own new tomb, which was a cave dug out of the rock, in a garden near the place of the cross. And before the opening of the cave they rolled a great stone.

And Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and some other women saw the tomb, and watched while they laid the body of Jesus in it.

On the next morning, some of the rulers of the Jews came to Pilate, and said, Sir, we remember that that man Jesus of Nazareth, who deceived the people, said while he was yet alive, "After three days I will rise again." Give orders that the tomb shall be watched and made sure for three days, or else his disciples may steal his body, and then say, "He is risen from the dead", and thus even after his death he may do more harm than he did while he was alive.

Pilate said to them, "Set a watch, and make it as sure as you can." Then they placed a seal upon the stone, so that no one might break it, and they set a watch of soldiers at the door.

And in the tomb the body of Jesus lay from the evening of Friday, the day when he died on the cross, to the dawn of Sunday, the first day of the week.

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