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The writer of the Gospel of Mark is usually identified with that Mark or John Mark mentioned in Acts 87. This Mark was not of the twelve apostles, but was a cousin of Barnabas Col. 4, 10, and apparently the son of that Mary in whose house the apostles lodged in Jerusalem. Hence he belonged to the next younger generation, and may or may not in his youth have been an eyewitness to many of the events he describes.

He was at any rate in constant communion with the twelve great teachers, especially with Peter, and learned the entire story from their lips. He accompanied Peter to Rome, where he is generally supposed to have written his Gospel about the year 70 A.D. for the instruction of the Roman converts. Thus it was written under Peter's supervision, and has been regarded as embodying Peter's thought, in distinction from the Gospel of Luke, which expresses the teaching of Paul.

This gospel is the briefest of the four. It contains very little not told by Matthew, but its viewpoint is distinctly different. It is addressed not to Jews but to Gentiles and explains Jewish customs when these are mentioned, and it omits most of the references to the Old Testament. In brief the writer aims to show of Jesus not that He was the promised Messiah of the Hebrews, but that He was God in the flesh, come to teach and save all mankind.

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Mark Chapter 1
The office of John the Baptist. The baptism of Christ 9-11. The temptation of Christ 12-13. Christ preaches and calls disciples 14-22. He casts out an unclean spirit 23-28. He heals many diseased 29-39. He heals a leper 40-45.
Mark Chapter 2
Christ heals one sick of the palsy 1-12. Levi's call, and the entertainment given to Jesus 13-17. Why Christ's disciples did not fast 18-22. He justifies his disciples for plucking corn on the Sabbath 23-28.
Mark Chapter 3
The withered hand healed. The people resort to kill Christ 6-12. The apostles called 13-21. The blasphemy of the scribes 22-30. Christ's relatives 31-35.
Mark Chapter 4
The parable of the sower. Other parables 21-34. Christ stills the tempest 35-41.
Mark Chapter 5
The demoniac healed 1-20. Woman healed. Daughter of Jairus raised 35-43.
Mark Chapter 6
Christ despised in his own country 1-6. The apostles sent forth 7-13. John the Baptist beheaded 14-29. The apostles return, five thousand fed by a miracle 30-44. Christ walks on the sea 45-52. He heals those that touch Him 45-56.
Mark Chapter 7
The traditions of the elders. What defiles the man 14-23. Canaanite woman asks that her daughter be cured. Christ restores a man to hearing and speech 31-37.
Mark Chapter 8
Four thousand fed by a miracle 1-10. Christ cautions against the Pharisees and Herodians 11-21. A blind man healed 22-26. Peter's testimony to Christ 27-33. Christ must be followed 34-38.
Mark Chapter 9
The transfiguration 1-13. An evil spirit cast out 14-29. The apostles reproved 30-40. Pain to be preferred to sin 41-50.
Mark Chapter 10
The Pharisees' question concerning divorce 1-12. Christ and the little children 13-16. Christ's discourse with the rich young man 17-22. The hindrance of riches 23-31. Christ foretells his sufferings 32-45. Bartimeus healed 46-52.
Mark Chapter 11
Triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem 1-11. The barren fig tree cursed 12-14. The temple cleansed 12-18. Prayer in faith 19-26. The priests and elders questioned concerning John the Baptist 27-33.
Mark Chapter 12
The parable of the vineyard and husbandmen 1-12. Question about tribute 13-17. Concerning the resurrection 18-27. The great command of the law 28-34. Christ the Son and yet the Lord of David 35-40. The poor widow commended 41-44.
Mark Chapter 13
The destruction of the temple foretold 1-4. Christ's prophetic declaration 5-13. Christ's prophecy 14-23. His prophetic declarations 24-27. Watchfulness urged 28-37.
Mark Chapter 14
Christ anointed at Bethany 1-11. The Passover, Jesus declares that Judas would betray him. The Last Supper 22-31. Agony of Christ in the garden 32-42. He is betrayed and taken 43-52. Christ before the high priest 53-65. Peter denies Christ 66-72.
Mark Chapter 15
Christ before Pilate 1-14. Christ led to be crucified 15-21. The crucifixion 22-32. The death of Christ 33-41. His body buried 42-47.
Mark Chapter 16
Resurrection of Christ made known the women 1-8. Christ appears to Mary Magdalene and other disciples 9-13. His commission to the apostles 14-18. Ascension of Christ 19-20.

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