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Elijah taken up to Heaven in a chariot of fire Jesus in the Old Testament

While Elijah is a figure of John the Baptist, Elisha reminds us of Christ. Elijah generally lives apart from the people and stresses law, judgment, and repentance. Elisha lives among the people and emphasizes grace, life, and hope.

2 Kings Chapter 1
The revolt of Moab-Sickness of Ahaziah, king of Israel 1-8. Fire called from heaven by Elijah. Death of Ahaziah 9-18.
2 Kings Chapter 2
Elijah divides Jordan 1-8. Elijah is taken up into heaven 9-12. Elisha is manifested to be Elijah's successor 13-18. Elisha heals the waters of Jericho, those that mocked Elisha destroyed 19-25.
2 Kings Chapter 3
Jehoram, king of Israel 1-5. War with Moab, the intercession of Elisha 6-19. Water supplied, Moab overcome 20-27.
2 Kings Chapter 4
Elisha multiplies the widow's oil 1-7. The Shunammite obtains a son 8-17. The Shunammite's son restored to life 18-37. The miracle of healing the pottage, and of feeding the sons of the prophets 38-44.
2 Kings Chapter 5
Naaman's leprosy 1-8. The cure of it 9-14. Elisha refuses Naaman's gifts 15-19. Gehazi's covetousness and falsehood 20-27.
2 Kings Chapter 6
The sons of the prophets enlarge their habitations, Iron made to swim 1-7. Elisha discloses the counsels of the Syrians 8-12. Syrians sent to seize Elisha 13-23. Samaria besieged, a famine, the king sends to slay Elisha 24-33.
2 Kings Chapter 7
Elisha prophesies plenty 1-2. The flight of the Syrian army 3-11.
2 Kings Chapter 8
A famine in Israel, The Shunammite obtains her land 1-6. Elisha consulted by Hazael, Death of Benhadad 7-15. Jehoram's wicked reign in Judah 16-24. Ahaziah's wicked reign in Judah 25-29.
2 Kings Chapter 9
Elisha sends to anoint Jehu 1-10. Jehu and the captains 11-15. Joram and Ahaziah slain by Jehu 16-29. Jezebel eaten by dogs 30-37.
2 Kings Chapter 10
Ahab's sons and Ahaziah's brethren put to death 1-14. Jehu destroys the worshippers of Baal 15-28. Jehu follows Jeroboam's sins 29-36.
2 Kings Chapter 11
Athaliah usurps the government of Judah, Jehoash made king 1-12. Athaliah put to death 13-16. The worship of the Lord restored 17-21.
2 Kings Chapter 12
Jehoash orders the repair of the temple 1-16. He is slain by his servants 17-21.
2 Kings Chapter 13
Reign of Jehoahaz 1-9. Jehoash, king of Israel, Elisha dying 10-19. Elisha's death, the victories of Jehoash 20-25.
2 Kings Chapter 14
Amaziah's good reign 1-7. Amaziah provokes Jehoash king of Israel, and is overcome 8-14. Death of Jehoash, death of Amaziah 15-22. Wicked reign of Jeroboam II 23-29.
2 Kings Chapter 15
Reign of Azariah, or Uzziah, king of Judah 1-7. The latter kings of Israel 8-31. Jotham, king of Judah 32-38.
2 Kings Chapter 16
Ahaz, king of Judah, His wicked reign 1-9. Ahaz takes a pattern from an idol's altar 10-16. Ahaz spoils the temple 17-20.
2 Kings Chapter 17
Reign of Hoshea in Israel, the Israelites carried captives by the Assyrians 1-6. Captivity of the Israelites 7-23. The nations placed in the land of Israel 24-41.
2 Kings Chapter 18
Good reign of Hezekiah in Judah, idolatry 1-8. Sennacherib invades Judah 9-16. Rabshakeh's blasphemies 17-37.
2 Kings Chapter 19
Hezekiah receives an answer of peace 1-7. Sennacherib's letter 8-19. His fall is prophesied 20-34. The Assyrian army destroyed, Sennacherib slain 35-37.
2 Kings Chapter 20
Hezekiah's sickness, His recovery in answer to prayer 1-11. Hezekiah shows his treasures to the ambassadors from Babylon, His death 12-21.
2 Kings Chapter 21
Wicked reign of Manasseh 1-9. The prophetic denunciations against Judah 10-18.
Wicked reign and death of Amon 19-26.

2 Kings Chapter 22
Josiah's good reign, His care for repairing the temple, The book of the law found 1-10.
Josiah consults Huldah the prophetess 11-20.

2 Kings Chapter 23
Josiah reads the law, and renews the covenant 1-3. He destroys idolatry 4-14. The reformation extended to Israel, a passover kept 15-24. Josiah slain by Pharaoh-nechoh 25-30. Wicked reigns of Jehoahaz and Jehoiakim 31-37.
2 Kings Chapter 24
Jehoiakim subdued by Nebuchadnezzar 1-7. Jehoiachim captive in Babylon 8-20.
2 Kings Chapter 25
Jerusalem besieged, Zedekiah taken 1-7. The temple burnt, the people carried into captivity 8-21. The rest of the Jews flee into Egypt, evil-merodach relieves the captivity of Jehoiachin 22-30.

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