The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the

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Philippians Three Citizen of Heaven by Laura Sotka
Philippians 3 Citizen of Heaven, © Laura Sotka, 2010
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Philippians Chapter 1
The apostle offers up thanksgivings and prayers, for the good work of grace in the Philippians 1-7. He expresses affection, and prays for them 8-11. Fortifies them against being cast down at his sufferings 12-20. He stood prepared for glorifying Christ by life, or death 21-26. Exhortations to zeal, and constancy in professing the gospel 27-30.
Philippians Chapter 2
Exhortations to a kind, humble spirit and behavior 1-4. The example of Christ 5-11.
Diligence in the affairs of salvation, and to be examples to the world 12-18.
The apostle's purpose of visiting Philippi 19-30.

Philippians Chapter 3
The apostle cautions the Philippians against judaizing false teachers, and renounces his own former privileges 1-11. Expresses earnest desire to be found in Christ. His pressing on toward perfection and recommends his own example to other believers 12-21.
Philippians Chapter 4
The apostle exhorts the Philippians to stand fast in the Lord. Gives directions to some, and to all in general 2-9. Expresses contentment in every condition of life 10-19.
He concludes with prayer to God the Father, and his usual blessing 20-23.

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