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Prophet Jeremiah, Piero della Francesca
Prophet Jeremiah
Piero della Francesca

Jeremiah Chapter 1
Jeremiah's call to the prophetic office 1-10. A vision of an almond-tree and of a seething-pot, Divine protection is promised 11-19.
Jeremiah Chapter 2
God expostulates with his people 1-8. Their revolt beyond example 9-13. Guilt the cause of sufferings 14-19.The sins of Judah 20-28. Their false confidence 29-37.
Jeremiah Chapter 3
Exhortations to repentance 1-5. Judah more guilty than Israel 6-11. But pardon is promised 12-20. The children of Israel express their sorrow and repentance 21-25.
Jeremiah Chapter 4
Exhortations and promises 1-2. Judah exhorted to repentance 3-4. Judgments denounced 5-18. The approaching ruin of Judah 19-31.
Jeremiah Chapter 5
The Jews' profession of religion was hypocritical 1-9. The cruel proceedings of their enemies 10-18. Their apostasy and idolatry 19-31.
Jeremiah Chapter 6
The invasion of Judea 1-8. The justice of God's proceedings 9-17. All methods used to amend them had been without success 18-30.
Jeremiah Chapter 7
Confidence in the temple is vain 1-16. The provocation by persisting in idolatry 17-20.
God justifies his dealings with them 21-28, and threatens vengeance 29-34.

Jeremiah Chapter 8
The remains of the dead exposed 1-3. The stupidity of the people, compared with the instinct of the brute creation 4-13. The alarm of the invasion, and lamentation 14-22.
Jeremiah Chapter 9
The people are corrected, Jerusalem is destroyed 1-11. The captives suffer in a foreign land 12-22. God's loving-kindness, He threatens the enemies of his people 23-26.
Jeremiah Chapter 10
The absurdity of idolatry 1-16. Destruction denounced against Jerusalem 17-25.
Jeremiah Chapter 11
The disobedient Jews reproved 1-10. Their utter ruin 11-17. The people would be destroyed who sought the prophet's life 18-23.
Jeremiah Chapter 12
Jeremiah complains of the prosperity of the wicked 1-6. The heavy judgments to come upon the nation 7-13. Divine mercy to them, and even to the nations around 14-17.
Jeremiah Chapter 13
The glory of the Jews should be marred 1-11. All ranks should suffer misery, an earnest exhortation to repentance 12-17. An awful message to Jerusalem and its king 18-27.
Jeremiah Chapter 14
A drought upon the land of Judah 1-7. A confession of sin in the name of the people 8-9. The Divine purpose to punish is declared 10-16. The people supplicate 17-22.
Jeremiah Chapter 15
The destruction of the wicked described 1-9. The prophet laments such messages, is reproved 10-14. He supplicates pardon, and is promised protection 15-21.
Jeremiah Chapter 16
Prohibitions given to the prophet 1-9. The justice of God in these judgments 10-13.
Future restoration of the Jews, and the conversion of the Gentiles 14-21.

Jeremiah Chapter 17
The fatal consequences of the idolatry of the Jews 1-4. The happiness of the man that trusts in God; the end of the opposite character 5-11. The malice of the prophet's enemies 12-18. The observance of the Sabbath 19-27.
Jeremiah Chapter 18
God's power over his creatures is represented by the potter 1-10. The Jews exhorted to repentance, and judgments foretold 11-17. The prophet appeals to God 18-23.
Jeremiah Chapter 19
By the type of breaking an earthen vessel, Jeremiah is to predict the destruction of Judah.
Jeremiah Chapter 20
The doom of Pashur who ill-treated the prophet 1-6. Jeremiah complains of hard usage 7-13.
He regrets his ever having been born 14-18.

Jeremiah Chapter 21
The only way of deliverance is to be surrendering to the Babylonians 1-10. The wickedness of the king and his household 11-14.
Jeremiah Chapter 22
Justice is recommended, and destruction threatened in case of disobedience 1-9.
The captivity of Jehoiakim, and the end of Jeconiah 10-19. The doom of the royal family 20-30.

Jeremiah Chapter 23
The restoration of the Jews to their own land 1-8. The wickedness of the priests and prophets of Judah, the people exhorted not to listen to false promises 9-22. The pretenders to inspiration threatened 23-32. Also the scoffers at true prophecy 33-40.
Jeremiah Chapter 24
Good and bad figs represent the Jews in captivity, and those who remain in their own land.
Jeremiah Chapter 25
The Jews rebuked for not obeying calls to repentance 1-7. Their captivity during seventy years is expressly foretold 8-14. Desolations upon the nations shown by the emblem of a cup of wrath 15-29. The judgments again declared 30-38.
Jeremiah Chapter 26
The destruction of the temple and city foretold 1-6. Jeremiah's life is threatened 7-15.
He is defended by the elders 16-24.

Jeremiah Chapter 27
The neighboring nations to be subdued 1-11. Zedekiah is warned to yield 12-18. The vessels of the temple to be carried to Babylon, but afterwards to be restored 19-22.
Jeremiah Chapter 28
A false prophet opposes Jeremiah 1-9.The false prophet warned of his approaching death 10-17.
Jeremiah Chapter 29
Two letters to the captives in Babylon; First, they are recommended to be patient and composed 1-19. In the second, judgments are denounced against the false prophets who deceived them 20-32.
Jeremiah Chapter 30
Troubles which shall be before the restoration of Israel 1-11. Encouragement to trust Divine promises 12-17. The blessings under Christ, and the wrath on the wicked 18-24.
Jeremiah Chapter 31
The restoration of Israel 1-9. Promises of guidance and happiness; Rachel lamenting 10-17. Ephraim laments his errors 18-20.The promised Savior 21-26. God's care over the church 27-30. The New Covenant 31-34. Peace and prosperity in gospel time 35-40.
Jeremiah Chapter 32
Jeremiah buys a field 1-15. The prophet's prayer 16-25. God declares that he will give up his people, but promises to restore them 26-44.
Jeremiah Chapter 33
Restoration of the Jews 1-13. The Messiah promised; happiness of His times 14-26.
Jeremiah Chapter 34
Zedekiah's death at Babylon foretold 1-7. The Jews reproved for compelling their poor brethren to return to unlawful bondage 8-22.
Jeremiah Chapter 35
The obedience of the Rechabites 1-11. The Jews' disobedience to the Lord 12-19.
Jeremiah Chapter 36
Baruch is to write the prophecies of Jeremiah 1-8. The princes advise them to hide themselves 9-19. The king having heard a part, burns the roll 20-32.
Jeremiah Chapter 37
The Chaldean army will return 1-10. Jeremiah is imprisoned 11-21.
Jeremiah Chapter 38
Jeremiah is cast into a dungeon, from whence he is delivered by an Ethiopian 1-13.
He advises the king to surrender to the Chaldeans 14-28.

Jeremiah Chapter 39
The taking of Jerusalem 1-10. Jeremiah used well 11-14. Promises of safety to Ebed-melech 15-18.
Jeremiah Chapter 40
Jeremiah is directed to go to Gedaliah 1-6. A conspiracy against Gedaliah 7-16.
Jeremiah Chapter 41
Ishmael murders Gedaliah 1-10. Johanan recovers the captives, and purposes to retire to Egypt 11-18.
Jeremiah Chapter 42
Johanan desires Jeremiah to ask counsel of God 1-6. They are assured of safety in Judea, but of destruction in Egypt 7-22.
Jeremiah Chapter 43
The leaders carry the people to Egypt 1-7. Jeremiah foretells the conquest of Egypt 8-13.
Jeremiah Chapter 44
The Jews in Egypt persist in idolatry 1-14. They refuse to reform 15-19. Jeremiah then denounces destruction upon them 20-30.
Jeremiah Chapter 45
An encouragement sent to Baruch.
Jeremiah Chapter 46
The defeat of the Egyptians 1-12. Their overthrow after the siege of Tyre 13-26. A promise of comfort to the Jews 27-28.
Jeremiah Chapter 47
The calamities of the Philistines.
Jeremiah Chapter 48
Prophecies against Moab for pride and security 1-13. For carnal confidence and contempt of God.
Jeremiah Chapter 49
Prophecies relative to the Ammonites 1-6. The Edomites 7-22. The Syrians 23-27.
The Kedarenes 28-33. The Elamites 34-39.

Jeremiah Chapter 50
The ruin of Babylon, the redemption of God's people.
Jeremiah Chapter 51
Babylon's doom, God's controversy with her, encouragements from thence to the Israel of God 1-58.
The confirming of this 59-64.

Jeremiah Chapter 52
The fate of Zedekiah 1-11. The destruction of Jerusalem 12-23. The captivities 24-30.
The advancement of Jehoiachin 31-34.

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