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Isaiah Chapter 1
The corruptions prevailing among the Jews 1-9. Severe censures 10-15. Exhortations to repentance 16-20. The state of Judah is lamented; with gracious promises of the gospel times 21-31.
Isaiah Chapter 2
The conversion of the Gentiles, description of the sinfulness of Israel 1-9. The awful punishment of unbelievers 10-22.
Isaiah Chapter 3
The calamities about to come upon the land 1-9. The wickedness of the people 10-15.
The distress of the proud, luxurious women of Zion 16-26.

Isaiah Chapter 4
The havoc occasioned by war 1. The times of the Messiah 2-6.
Isaiah Chapter 5
The state and conduct of the Jewish nation 1-7. The judgments which would come 8-30.
Isaiah Chapter 6
The vision which Isaiah beheld in the temple 1-8. The Lord declares the blindness to come upon the Jewish nation, and the destruction which would follow 9-13.
Isaiah Chapter 7
Ahaz threatened by Israel and Syria; and is assured their attack would be in vain 1-9.
God gives a sure sign by the promise of the long-expected Messiah 10-16. The folly and sin of seeking relief from Assyria are reproved 17-25.

Isaiah Chapter 8
Exhortations and warnings 1-8. Comfort for those who fear God 9-16. Afflictions to idolaters 17-22.
Isaiah Chapter 9
The Son that should be born, and his kingdom 1-7. The judgments to come upon Israel, and on the enemies of the kingdom of Christ 8-21.
Isaiah Chapter 10
Woes against proud oppressors 1-4. The Assyrian but an instrument in the hand of God for the punishment of his people 5-19. The deliverance from him 20-34.
Isaiah Chapter 11
The peaceful character of Christ's kingdom and subjects 1-9. The conversion of the Gentiles and Jews 10-16.
Isaiah Chapter 12
Thanksgiving in the Messiah's Kingdom.
Isaiah Chapter 13
Prophecies against Babylon.
Isaiah Chapter 14
Prophecies against Babylon 1-23. Prophecies against Assyria 24-27, prophecies against Philistia 28-32.
Isaiah Chapter 15
Prophecies against Moab.
Isaiah Chapter 16
Continued Prophecies against Moab.
Isaiah Chapter 17
Prophecies against Damascus and Samaria.
Isaiah Chapter 18
Prophecies against Ethiopia.
Isaiah Chapter 19
Prophecies against Egypt.
Isaiah Chapter 20
Prophecies against Egypt.
Isaiah Chapter 21
Prophecies against Babylon 1-10. Prophecies against Dumah, Edom 11-12. Prophecies against Arabia 13-17.
Isaiah Chapter 22
Judah warned of destruction to come 1-14. Against Shebna 15-25
Isaiah Chapter 23
Prophecies against Tyre.
Isaiah Chapter 24
Judgment on the earth, the Tribulation.
Isaiah Chapter 25
Restoration for Judah, songs of victory, song of thanksgiving1-12.
Isaiah Chapter 26
The Divine mercies encourage to confidence in God 1-4. His judgments 5-11. His people exhorted to wait upon Him 12-19. Deliverance promised 20-21.
Isaiah Chapter 27
God's care over his people 1-5. Promise of their recall to Divine favor 6-13.
Isaiah Chapter 28
The desolations of Samaria 1-4. The prosperity of Judah; with reproofs for sinfulness and unbelief 5-15. Christ is pointed out as the sure Foundation for all believers 16-22. God's dealings with his people 23-29.
Isaiah Chapter 29
Judgments on Jerusalem and on its enemies 1-8. The senselessness and hypocrisy of the Jews 9-16. The conversion of the Gentiles, and future blessings for the Jews 17-24.
Isaiah Chapter 30
The Jews reproved for seeking aid from Egypt 1-7. Judgments in consequence of their contempt of God's word 8-18. God's mercies to his church 19-26. The ruin of the Assyrian army, of all God's enemies 27-33.
Isaiah Chapter 31
Turn to God, not Egypt 1-5. Fall of Assyria 6-9.
Isaiah Chapter 32
Behold the coming King.
Isaiah Chapter 33
Woe to the spoiler of Jerusalem (Assyria).
Isaiah Chapter 34
God's vengeance against the enemies of his church 1-8. Their desolation 9-17.
Isaiah Chapter 35
The flourishing state of Christ's kingdom 1-4. The privileges of his people 5-10.
Isaiah Chapter 36
Assyria challenges God.
Isaiah Chapter 37
God destroys Assyria.
Isaiah Chapter 38
Hezekiah's salvation from sickness.
Isaiah Chapter 39
Hezekiah's sin.
Isaiah Chapter 40
The preaching of the gospel, and glad tidings of the coming of Christ 1-11. The almighty power of God 12-17. The folly of idolatry 18-26, against unbelief 27-31
Isaiah Chapter 41
God's care of his people 1-9. They are encouraged not to fear 10-20. The vanity and folly of idolatry 21-29.
Isaiah Chapter 42
The character and coming of Christ 1-4. The blessings of His kingdom 5-12. The prevalence of true religion 13-17. Unbelief and blindness reproved 18-25.
Isaiah Chapter 43
God's unchangeable love for his people 1-7. Apostates and idolaters addressed 8-13. The deliverance from Babylon, and the conversion of the Gentiles 14-21. Admonition to repent of sin 22-28.
Isaiah Chapter 44
Here are promises of the influences of the Holy Spirit 1-8. An exposure of the folly of idolatry 9-20. Also the deliverance of God's people 21-28.
Isaiah Chapter 45
The deliverance of the Jews by Cyrus 1-4. God calls for obedience to his almighty power 5-10. The settlement of his people 11-19. The conversion of the Gentiles 20-25.
Isaiah Chapter 46
The idols could not save themselves, but God saves his people 1-4. The folly of worshipping idols 5-13.
Isaiah Chapter 47
Judgment of Babylon 1-15.Carelessness and confidence shall not prevent the evil 7-15.
Isaiah Chapter 48
The Jews reproved for their idolatry 1-8. Yet deliverance is promised them 9-15. Solemn warnings of judgment upon those who persisted in evil 16-22.
Isaiah Chapter 49
The unbelief and rejection of the Jews 1-6. Gracious promise to the Gentiles 7-12. God's love to the church 13-17, its increase 18-23, and deliverance 24-26.
Isaiah Chapter 50
The rejection of the Jews 1-3. The sufferings and exaltation of the Messiah 4-9. Consolation to the believer, and warning to the unbeliever 10-11.
Isaiah Chapter 51
Exhortations to trust the Messiah 1-3. The power of God, the weakness of man 4-8. Christ defends his people 9-16. Their afflictions and deliverances 17-23.
Isaiah Chapter 52
The welcome news of Christ's kingdom 1-12. The humiliation of the Messiah 13-15.
Isaiah Chapter 53
The Person 1-3, sufferings 4-9, humiliation, and exaltation of Christ, are minutely described; with the blessings to mankind from His death 10-12.
Isaiah Chapter 54
The increase of the church by the conversion of the Jews and Gentiles 1-5. Its certain deliverance 6-10, its triumphant state is described 11-17.
Isaiah Chapter 55
An invitation to receive freely the blessings of the Savior 1-5. Gracious offers of pardon and peace 6-13.
Isaiah Chapter 56
A charge to keep the Divine precepts 1-2. Blessings promised 3-8. Reproof to the careless watchmen, the teachers and rulers of the Jews 9-12.
Isaiah Chapter 57
The blessed death of the righteous 1-2. The abominable idolatries of the Jewish nation 3-12. Promises to the humble and contrite 13-21.
Isaiah Chapter 58
Hypocrisy reproved 1-2. A counterfeit and a true fast, with promises to real godliness, 3-12, to the keeping the sabbath 13-14.
Isaiah Chapter 59
Reproofs of sin and wickedness 1-8. Confession of sin, and lamentation for the consequences 9-15. Promises of deliverance 16-21.
Isaiah Chapter 60
The glories of the church of God, when the fullness of the Gentiles shall come in 1-8, and the Jews shall be converted and gathered from their dispersions 9-14,
and the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ 15-22.

Isaiah Chapter 61
The Messiah, his character and office 1-3. His promises of future blessedness of the church 4-9. The church praises God for these mercies 10-11.
Isaiah Chapter 62
God's care of his church and people 1-5. The office of ministers in preaching the gospel 6-9. Every hindrance removed from the way of salvation 10-12.
Isaiah Chapter 63
Christ's victory over his enemies 1-6. His mercy toward his church 7-14. The prayer of the church 15-19.
Isaiah Chapter 64
The church prays that God's power may be manifested 1-5. A confession of sin, and afflictions bewailed 6-12.
Isaiah Chapter 65
God's answer to the Remnant 1-16. Glorious consummation of history 17-25.
Isaiah Chapter 66
Rejoice with Jerusalem 10-14.

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