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Book of First Kings free images by verse in high resolution. Art and lessons in First Kings by verse.

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Judgment of Solomon

"And if thou will walk before me, as David thy father walked, in integrity of heart, and in uprightness, to do according to all that I have commanded thee, and will keep my statutes and my judgments. Then I will establish the throne of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man upon the throne of Israel."
1 Kings 9

1 Kings Chapter 1
David's declining age 1-4. Adonijah aspires to the throne 5-10. David makes Solomon king 11-31. Solomon is anointed king, and Adonijah's usurpation stopped 32-53.
1 Kings Chapter 2
David's dying charge to Solomon 1-4. David's charge as to Joab and others 5-11. Solomon reigns, Adonijah aspiring to the throne is put to death 12-25. Abiathar banished, Joab put to death 26-34. Shimei is put to death 35-46.
1 Kings Chapter 3
Solomon's marriage 1-4. His vision, His prayer for wisdom 5-15. The judgment of Solomon 16-28.
1 Kings Chapter 4
Solomon's court 1-19. Solomon's dominions, His daily provision 20-28. The wisdom of Solomon 29-34.
1 Kings Chapter 5
Solomon's agreement with Hiram 1-9. Solomon's workmen for the temple 10-18.
1 Kings Chapter 6
The building of Solomon's temple 1-10. Promise given concerning the temple 11-14. Particulars respecting the temple 15-38.
1 Kings Chapter 7
Solomon's buildings 1-12. Furniture of the temple 13-47. Vessels of gold 48-51.
1 Kings Chapter 8
The dedication of the temple 1-11. The occasion 12-21. Solomon's prayer 22-53. His blessing and exhortation 54-61. Solomon's peace-offerings 62-66.
1 Kings Chapter 9
God's answer to Solomon 1-9. The presents of Solomon and Hiram 10-14. Solomon's buildings, his trade 15-28.
1 Kings Chapter 10
The queen of Sheba's visit to Solomon 1-13. Solomon's wealth 14-29.
1 Kings Chapter 11
Solomon's wives and concubines, his idolatry 1-8. God's anger 9-13. Solomon's adversaries 14-25. Jeroboam's promotion 26-40. The death of Solomon 41-43.
1 Kings Chapter 12
Rehoboam's accession, the people's petition, his rough answer 1-15. Ten tribes revolt 16-24. Jeroboam's idolatry 25-33.
1 Kings Chapter 13
Jeroboam's sin reproved 1-10. The prophet deceived 11-22. The disobedient prophet is slain, Jeroboam's obstinacy 23-34.
1 Kings Chapter 14
Abijah being sick, his mother consults Ahijah 1-6. The destruction of Jeroboam's house 7-20. Rehoboam's wicked reign 21-31.
1 Kings Chapter 15
Wicked reign of Abijam, king of Judah 1-8. Good reign of Asa, king of Judah 9-24. The evil reign of Baasha 32-34.
1 Kings Chapter 16
The reigns of Baasha and Elah in Israel 1-14. Reigns of Zimri and Omri in Israel 15-28. Ahab's wickedness, Hiel rebuilds Jericho 29-34.
1 Kings Chapter 17
Elijah fed by ravens 1-7. Elijah sent to Zarephath 8-16. Elijah raises the widow's son to life 17-24.
1 Kings Chapter 18
Elijah sends Ahab notice of his coming 1-16. Elijah meets Ahab 17-20. Elijah's trial of the false prophets 21-40. Elijah, by prayer, obtains rain 41-46.
1 Kings Chapter 19
Elijah flees to the wilderness 1-8. God manifests himself to Elijah 9-13. God's answer to Elijah 14-18. The call of Elisha 19-21.
1 Kings Chapter 20
Benhadad besieges Samaria 1-11. Benhadad's defeat 12-21. The Syrians again defeated 22-30. Ahab makes peace with Benhadad 31-43.
1 Kings Chapter 21
Ahab covets Naboth's vineyard 1-4. Naboth murdered by Jezebel 5-16. Elijah denounces judgments against Ahab 17-29.
1 Kings Chapter 22
Jehoshaphat makes a league with Ahab 1-14. Micaiah predicts the death of Ahab 15-28. Death of Ahab 29-40. Jehoshaphat's good reign over Judah 41-50. Ahaziah's evil reign over Israel 51-53.

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