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Prophet Ezekiel high resolution free images and Bible art. Search art in the Book of Ezekiel by verse.

Illuminated Letter E, Winchester Bible
Illuminated Letter E
The Winchester Bible
12th Century
Ezekiel's First Vision
The Vision of Ezekiel by Raphael, high resolution image
Vision of Ezekiel by Raphael Sanzio
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Ezekiel Chapter 1
Ezekiel's vision of God, and of the angelic host 1-14. The conduct of Divine providence 15-25. A revelation of the Son of man upon his heavenly throne 26-28.
Ezekiel Chapter 2
The prophet is directed what he is to do 1-5, and encouraged to be resolute, faithful, and devoted 6-10.
Ezekiel Chapter 3
The preparation of the prophet for his work 1-11. His office, as that of a watchman 12-2. The restraining and restoring his speech 22-27.
Ezekiel Chapter 4
The siege of Jerusalem 1-8. The famine the inhabitants would suffer 9-17.
Ezekiel Chapter 5
A type of hair, showing the judgments about to come upon the Jews 1-4. These awful judgments are declared 5-17.
Ezekiel Chapter 6
The Divine judgments for idolatry 1-7. A remnant shall be saved 8-10. The calamities are to be lamented 11-14.
Ezekiel Chapter 7
The desolation of the land 1-15. The distress of the few who should escape 16-22. The captivity 23-27.
Ezekiel Chapter 8
The idolatries committed by the Jewish rulers 1-6. The superstitions to which the Jews were then devoted, the Egyptian 7-12. The Phoenician, the Persian, the heinousness of their sin 13-18.
Ezekiel Chapter 9
A vision denoting the destruction of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the departure of the symbol of the Divine presence.
Ezekiel Chapter 10
A vision of the burning of the city 1-7. The Divine glory departing from the temple 8-22.
Ezekiel Chapter 11
Divine judgments against the wicked at Jerusalem 1-13. Divine favor towards those in captivity 14-21.
The Divine presence forsakes the city 22-25.

Ezekiel Chapter 12
The approaching captivity 1-16. An emblem of the consternation of the Jews 17-20. Answers to the objections of scoffers 21-28.
Ezekiel Chapter 13
Heavy judgments against lying prophets 1-9. The insufficiency of their work 10-16. Woes against false prophetesses 17-23.
Ezekiel Chapter 14
Threatenings against hypocrites 1-11. God's purpose to punish the guilty Jews, but a few should be saved 12-23.
Ezekiel Chapter 15
Jerusalem like an unfruitful vine.
Ezekiel Chapter 16
A parable showing the first low estate of the Jewish nation, its prosperity, idolatries, and punishment.
Ezekiel Chapter 17
A parable relative to the Jewish nation 1-10, to which an explanation is added 11-21. A direct promise of the Messiah 22-24.
Ezekiel Chapter 18
God has no respect of persons 1-20. The Divine providence is vindicated 21-29. A gracious invitation to repentance 30-32.
Ezekiel Chapter 19
A parable lamenting the ruin of Jehoahaz and Jehoiakim 1-9. Another describing the desolation of the people 10-14.
Ezekiel Chapter 20
The elders of Israel are reminded of the idolatry in Egypt 1-9, in the wilderness 10-26, in Canaan 27-32. God promises to pardon and restore them 33-44. Prophecy against Jerusalem 45-49.
Ezekiel Chapter 21
The ruin of Judah under the emblem of a sharp sword 1-17. The approach of the king of Babylon described 18-27. The destruction of the Ammonites 28-32.
Ezekiel Chapter 22
The sins of Jerusalem 1-16. Israel is condemned as dross 17-22. As the corruption is general, so shall be the punishment 23-31.
Ezekiel Chapter 23
A history of the apostasy of God's people from him, and the aggravation thereof.
Ezekiel Chapter 24
The fate of Jerusalem 1-14. The extent of the sufferings of the Jews 15-27.
Ezekiel Chapter 25
Judgments against the Ammonites 1-7, against the Moabites, Edomites, and Philistines 8-17.
Ezekiel Chapter 26
A prophecy against Tyre.
Ezekiel Chapter 27
The merchandise of Tyre 1-25. Its fall and ruin 26-36.
Ezekiel Chapter 28
The sentence against the prince or king of Tyre 1-19. The fall of Zidon 20-23.
The restoration of Israel 24-26.

Ezekiel Chapter 29
The desolation of Egypt 1-16. Also a promise of mercy to Israel 17-21.
Ezekiel Chapter 30
Prophecy against Egypt.
Ezekiel Chapter 31
The glory of Assyria 1-9. Its fall, and the like for Egypt 10-18.
Ezekiel Chapter 32
The fall of Egypt 1-16. It is like that of other nations 17-32.
Ezekiel Chapter 33
Ezekiel's duty as a watchman 1-9. He is to vindicate the Divine government 10-20. The desolation of Judea 21-29. Judgments on the mockers of the prophets 30-33.
Ezekiel Chapter 34
The rulers reproved 1-6. The people are to be restored to their own land 7-16. The true Shepherd 17-31.
Ezekiel Chapter 35
A prophecy against Edom.
Ezekiel Chapter 36
The land shall be delivered from heathen oppressors 1-15. The people are reminded of former sins, and promised deliverance 16-24. Holiness, and gospel blessings 25-38.
Ezekiel Chapter 37
God restores dried bones to life 1-14. The whole house of Israel is represented as enjoying the blessings of Christ's kingdom 15-28.
Ezekiel Chapter 38
The army and malice of Gog 1-13. God's judgments 14-23.
Ezekiel Chapter 39
The destruction of Gog 1-10. Its extent 11-22. Israel again favored 23-29.
Ezekiel Chapter 40
The Vision of the Temple.
Ezekiel Chapter 41
The Temple itself.
Ezekiel Chapter 42
The chamber in the outer court 1-14. The place of separation 15-20.
Ezekiel Chapter 43
The return of the glory of God to the temple 1-12. The altar of burnt offerings 13-27.
Ezekiel Chapter 44
Duties of temple priests.
Ezekiel Chapter 45
Land of the temple priests.
Ezekiel Chapter 46
Land of the temple priests.
Ezekiel Chapter 47
The river from the temple 1-12. Boundaries of the Land 13-23.
Ezekiel Chapter 48
Divisions of the land 1-29. Gates of the city 30-34, name of the city 35.

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