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The book of Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke, addressed to the same "Theophilus" and composed by the same author as the earlier work. Apparently Luke wrote it in Rome about the period of its abrupt close, when the author was engaged side by side with Paul in missionary work at the great capital.

The Book is by no means a complete account of all the apostles. The theme of the first twelve chapters is the inspiration of the Church by the Holy Ghost, with the effect of this in building up the Faith in Judea under Peter's leadership. The remaining chapters then give an account of Paul, chief of the leaders who spread the faith abroad. Of the missionary work of the other apostles and their many earnest assistants, there is only occasional mention.
The Bible and Its Story
F.R. Niglutsch 1906

Acts Chapter 1
Prologue to Acts. 1-2. Appearances of the Resurrected Christ 3-8. Ascension of Christ 9-11. Anticipation of the Spirit 12-14. Appointment of Matthias 15-26.
Acts Chapter 2
The filling with the Holy Ghost 1-4. Speaking with other tongues 5-13. Peter explains Pentecost 14-41. Practices of the early church 42-47.
Acts Chapter 3
Peter heals the lame man 1-11. Peter's second sermon 12-26.
Acts Chapter 4
Peter and John are put into custody 1-4. Peter preaches to the Sanhedrin 5-12. Sanhedrin commands Peter not to preach 13-22. Apostles' prayer for boldness 23-31. Early church voluntarily shares 32-37.
Acts Chapter 5
Ananias and Sapphira lie 1-11. Apostles' mighty miracles 12-16. Apostles are miraculously freed from prison 17-28. Apostles preach to the council 29-32. Gamaliel's advice 33-39. Apostles are beaten 40-42.
Acts Chapter 6
Deacons are appointed 1-8. Stephen is brought before the council 9-15.
Acts Chapter 7
Stephen preaches to the council.
Acts Chapter 8
Saul persecutes the church 1-4. Philip witnesses to the Samaritans 5-25. Philip witnesses to the Ethiopian treasurer 26-40.
Acts Chapter 9
Saul is converted and blinded on road to Damascus 1-9. Saul is filled with the Spirit 10-19. Saul preaches at Damascus 20-22. Saul witnesses in Jerusalem 23-31. Peter heals Aeneas at Lydda 32-35. Peter raises Dorcas at Joppa 36-43.
Acts Chapter 10
Cornelius sends for Peter 1-8. Peter sees the Great Sheet 9-22. Peter preaches to the Gentiles 23-43. Gentiles are converted and speak in tongues 44-48.
Acts Chapter 11
Peter defends his ministry to the Gentiles 1-18. The witness of the Antioch church 19-30.
Acts Chapter 12
Herod kills James 1-2. Peter is miraculously released from prison 3-19. Harold blasphemes and dies 20-25.
Acts Chapter 13
Barnabas and Saul are sent from Antioch 1-3. Preaching in the synagogues 4-5. Controversy with Bar-jesus 6-13. Paul preaches on first Sabbath 14-50. Ministry at Conium 51-52.
Acts Chapter 14
Unbelieving Jews oppose the Gentiles 1-5. A lame man is healed 6-10. Paul and Barnabas are deified 11-18. Paul is stoned 19-20. Ministry on the return trip 21-28.
Acts Chapter 15
Debate over Gentiles keeping the law 1-5. Peter preaches salvation through Grace 6-11. Paul and Barnabas testify 12, and James proves Gentiles are free from the law 13-21. The council sends an official letter 22-29. Report to Antioch 30-35. Contention over John Mark 36-41.
Acts Chapter 16
Derbe and Lystra: Timotheus is circumcised 1-5. Troas: Macedonian call 6-10. Lydia is converted 11-15. A spirit of divination is cast out 16-24. Philippian jailor is converted 25-34. Paul is released from prison 35-40.
Acts Chapter 17
Thessalonica: Turned the world upside down 1-9. Berea: many receive the Word 10-15. Athens: Paul's sermon on Mars' Hill 16-34.
Acts Chapter 18
Paul works with Aquila and Priscilla 1-3. Jews reject Paul 4-6. Crispus, the gentile, is converted 7-11. Gallio will not try Paul 12-17. Return trip to Antioch 18-22. Galatia and Phrygia: Strengthening the disciples 23. Apollos teaches effectively 24-28.
Acts Chapter 19
Disciples of John receive the Holy Ghost 1-7. Paul teaches in Tyrannus's school 8-10. Miracles are performed at Ephesus 11-20. Timotheus and Erastus are sent to Macedonia 21-22. Demetrius causes uproar at Ephesus 23-41.
Acts Chapter 20
Macedonia: Three months of ministry 1-5. Troas: Eutychus falls from loft 6-12. Miletus: Paul bids farewell to Ephesian elders 13-38.
Acts Chapter 21
Tyre: Paul is warned about Jerusalem 1-6. Caesarea: Agabus's prediction 7-16. Paul conforms to Jewish customs 17-26. Paul's arrest 27-39. Paul's defense before the crowd 40.
Acts Chapter 22
Paul's defense before the crowd 1-23. Paul's defense before the Centurion 24-29. Paul's defense before the Sanhedrin 30.
Acts Chapter 23
Paul's defense before the Sanhedrin 1-11. Jew's plan to kill Paul 12-22. Paul's rescue 23-33. Paul is tried before Felix 34-35.
Acts Chapter 24
Paul tried before Felix 1-27.
Acts Chapter 25
Paul is tried before Festus 1-22. Paul is tried before Agrippa 23-27.
Acts Chapter 26
Paul defense speech to Agrippa 1-27. Agrippa almost persuaded 28-29.
Acts Chapter 27
Paul's witness during the shipwreck.
Acts Chapter 28
Paul's witness on Melita 1-15. Paul's witness in Rome 16-31.

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